Barely Racing is upcoming combat racing game developed by us. It is the largest project we have done so far, and we are quite happy with the results that we have achieved.

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Game is created using Unreal Engine (C++ and Blueprint), and it is the first Unreal Engine experience for us. But, game has been in development for more than three years, so we are kinda used to it :). We are gamers, and want to bring you best possible experience, so we decided create a game that will not cost too much, and will not have any type of micro transactions. Everything, this game offers, will be available for initial purchase. Price is yet unknown for us, as we need to decide if we will keep peer to peer for online game, or we will go with dedicated servers. In case we decide to go with dedicated servers, price will go up a bit, since those servers must be paid. We also want to avoid any type of DRM, because we have trust in you that you will buy it if you like it.




  • Single player campaign
  • Car customization
  • Local multiplayer (Split screen)
  • Steam Multiplayer (Peer to peer online gaming)
  • Couple of multiplayer game modes (explained in details bellow)
  • Multiplatform support (Windows, macOS, Linux)

Take a look at the gameplay trailer below:

Also, take a look how our game has advance through all these years:

Game modes details:



Typical race but weapons and mines. Just make sure you survive and reach the finish line first.


Mine Tag

Mine tag is good old tag game, but with cars. Mine is spawned randomly on one of the players and it has a timeout. Once time runs out, mine explodes and player has frag added. Player which reaches the frag limit, will be disqualified from the game. If you touch another player, mine will be transferred, but mine timer will not reset. Mine carrier is faster and accelerates better than other players in the game so make sure to take advantage of that if you have the mine.


Flag Chase

Well, this one is a bit opposite of the Mine tag. At the start, flag is spawned on the center of the map. First player, that touches it is flag carrier. Flag carrier points increase as long as flag is being carried so other players need to be sure to take the flag as soon as possible. Flag carrier is also slower than other players.



Huh, do we need to explain this one :)? Just like regular football, but with cars… and yes, no offsides, no fouls, no outs, corners… etc. Make sure the ball is in opponents goal, and that is all.



Good old deathmatch. Just make sure you destroy all the cars that you see. Cars are respawned after being destroyed, so don’t worry if you get destroyed. You will be ready for another round in a no time.